Welcome to Contactile

Contactile is giving robots a human sense of touch and enabling smart dexterous robotic gripping.

We have integrated our revolutionary tactile sensing technology into the fingers of a custom-made force-controlled gripper, providing an out-of-the-box gripping solution for robotic automation tasks.

Our solution will sense any forces and torques experienced by the object being manipulated, estimate the friction of the gripping interface, and apply an optimal grip force to secure the grasp. Simply tell it to grip the object and the gripper will take care of the rest!

The size of our solution can be tailored for different applications, scaling all the way up to applications in heavy industry.

How it Works

Our tactile sensor is made of an array of soft pillars which can be deflected independently. The displacement of each pillar is measured using a revolutionary patented optical technique.

Each pillar can sense 3D force, 3D deflection, and 3D vibration up to very high frequencies. Torque can be measured by analysing how the forces distribute across the array of pillars.

By analysing pillar movements in real-time, the onset of slip can be detected and friction estimated, allowing us to optimise the grip force applied to a grasped object.

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