The world is shifting towards intelligent robots…but robots are still clumsy and inflexible.

Grasp the opportunity…

“The industrial robotics market is worth $50b and growing rapidly”

Contactile are aiming for rapid growth in valuable robotics and automation markets. Contactile’s superior tactile sensing and force/torque measurement technologies will play an essential role in the future of industrial automation. These global and quickly growing markets promise substantial return on investment. If you are interested in joining us on this journey, please get in touch.


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Heba Khamis

Heba Khamis

CEO, Co-founder

PhD, B Engineering (Software) and B Med Sci from University of Sydney

9+ years in robotics and AI

20+ peer reviewed publications
700+ citations
$500k+ research funding

Benjamin Xia

Benjamin Xia

CTO, Co-founder

M and B Engineering
(Electronic) from UNSW

7+ years in robotics and AI

Stephen Redmond

Stephen Redmond

Co-founder (2019-2022)

PhD and B Electrical Engineering
(Electronic) from University College Dublin

9+ years in robotics and AI

150+ peer reviewed publications
7000+ citations
$4m+ research funding