The ventures were chosen from among 75 startups that applied for the program and each one receives a $20,000 investment from UNSW. The companies will now take part in the 3-month support program, which this year will be delivered online, although it’s also opened up the possibilities for the startups involved, who this year as based in the ACT, Victoria and Queensland, as well as NSW.

The seven startups in the 2020 UNSW Founders 10x cohort are:


Inadequate tactile sensing in the gripper fingers means robotic dexterity falls far short of human ability.

This prevents the use of robotics in unstructured environments in numerous industries to help alleviate job shortages and/or start new markets.

Contactile provides robots with a human sense of touch, enabling robotic dexterity by using world-leading bio-inspired tactile sensor array which can measure 3D deflection, 3D force and 3D vibration at each array element, as well as important properties of torque, incipient slip and friction.

With these sensors, a robotic gripper can grasp any object with optimal grip force, regardless of object weight, size, and friction.

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